Arca Space announces ‘real hoverboard’ that can fly for six minutes

Arca Space announces ‘real hoverboard’ that can fly for six minutes

Arca Space Corporation has announced a hoverboard that can fly for six minutes and requires six hours of charging afterwards. The hoverboard has been priced at $19,900 by Arca Space. The hoverboard is different from two-wheeled, self-balancing scooters that were among hot selling items this year before they got into controversy due to safety issues.

The hoverboard works by using the old fashioned idea of creating thrust with powerful fans. The hoverboard runs on 36 fans that consume lot of power to generate the thrust to keep a person hovering above the ground. In a single charge, Arca Space hoverboard can run for six minutes.

The hoverboard can fly nearly one foot above the ground at speed of 12.5 miles per hour. The company claimed that while carrying a person up to 80kg, the hoverboard can run for six minutes in a single charge. For people weighing up to 110kg, the hoverboard can run for three minutes.

Many technology bloggers have objected to the massive price tag of $20,000 for the hoverboard. It will be fun to see some adventure lovers flying around for six minutes and then lifting their 180-pound electric flying machine to charge it again for six hours. Maybe the company can improve this in the future versions of hoverboard.

Arca Space has implemented onboard sensors to keep the hoverboard stable. The hoverboard can be controlled via an app for Android and Apple’s iOS. The company has showcased the abilities of its hoverboard in a video posted on YouTube.

The company informed, “The ArcaBoard is a machine lifted by 36 high power electric ducted fans with a maximum thrust of 200 kgf (430 lbs). It has a built-in stabilization unit, meaning that ArcaBoard is stable in any condition and is a very safe platform to fly on. You will be able to utilize your phone for control and navigation of the vehicle itself. But for the most intense experience you can turn off the stabilization system and steer the ArcaBoard with your body.” review of hoverboard said, “The battery problems are supposed to be compensated by the 272 horsepower used to lift the board. But then again, the devise requires a six-hour charge in-between your hovering adventures. However, you can purchase the ArcaDock accessory that will charge the battery in just 35 minutes for an extra $4,500.”

Arca Space is already accepting orders and the hoverboards are expected to launch in April 2016. The company will launch two models, ArcaBoard and ArcaDock, in the first phase.

A Gizmag report said, "Despite having a range per charge of only 2 km (or a little over a mile), the ArcaBoard will set you back more than some cars, with a starting retail price of US$19,900."

ArcaBoard is built from composite materials, it has a length of 145x76x15 cm (57x30x6 inches) and a weight of 82 kg (180 lbs). This technology allows a person with a weight up to 110 kg (243 lbs) to be able to fly.

ArcaBoard, an electric powered flying machine with 272 horsepower and 203,000 watts of installed power is the most powerful and lightest personal vehicle ever created. ArcaBoard represents total freedom of movement, total freedom of travel. ArcaBoard is a personal vehicle that can move in every possible direction including upwards. The retail price is $19,900 and is available for order now. Shipments will start April 15, 2016.

“ArcaBoard represents a revolution in motion. For the last 17 years we have developed aerospace technologies that looked to the sky. We took our knowledge and applied it to everyone’s dreams. Dreams of flying,” said Dumitru Popescu, CEO of ARCA Space Corporation.

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