Gullies on Mars Were Dug By Great Chunks of Ice, Claim French Researchers

Gullies on Mars Were Dug By Great Chunks of Ice, Claim French Researchers

Researchers since long have been saying that the gullies on Mars have carved due to water, but now a team of French researchers claims that the gullies on the Red planet are a result of huge chunks of ice.

Findings of the study published in the journal Nature Geosciences admits that certain lines of evidence shows the occurrence of water on present-day Mars, but any familiar-looking geological feature on Mars does not have relation to earth.

Colin Dundas of the US Geological Survey's Astrogeology Science Center said when talking about other worlds, we must keep in mind that unfamiliar processes are possible and even likely to happen in alien environments.

The findings made so far by NASA orbiters and rovers carrying out investigations at the Red Planet have shown several evidence of presence of water on our dry, dusty neighbor.

The Mars Science Laboratory rover, known as curiosity, has found signs of a long-lasting series of lakes that rose and fell in Gale Crater over many millions of years.

The French scientists wrote that rather than water flows like those on earth, the gullies on Martian surface were most likely created by dry ice defrosting.

“The role of liquid water in gully formation should be reconsidered, raising the question of the importance of its occurrence in Mars' recent past”, wrote Francois Forget and Cedric Pilorget of the French national research institute CNRS.

When first found, these gullies were interpreted as runoff from melting water ice or groundwater leaks that occurred hundreds of thousands of years ago. Later it was discovered that these gully formation was still ongoing, in spite of Mars being too cold for liquid water to exist.

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