Peak night of Ursids Meteor shower for US is actually night of December 22nd into 23rd

Peak night of Ursids Meteor shower for US is actually night of December 22nd into 23rd

The information regarding peak night of the Ursids Meteor shower has left everybody a little confused. Some sources, including the American Meteor Society, reported that the night of the 21st into the 22nd will be the peak night.

Basically, the International Meteor Organization is the number one voice for predicting meteor showers. According to them, the absolute peak will occur on December 23rd at 2:30am UTC, which would be 9:30 pm EST or 6:30pm PST.

This has indicated that for the US, the peak night was actually the night of December 22nd into the 23rd. Here, the IMO has been cited with that idea. The graphics and forecasts have been updated accordingly.

Sadly, in more of the US, the night of the 22/23rd is going to have even worse viewing conditions than the previous night. A huge moisture rush will give way to clouds towards most of the country east of the Rockies. However, it is going to be mild for the ones, planning on being outside in an attempt to catch any clear sky patch.

Another issue is that more of the night, the moon will be in the sky, setting post 5 am at any mentioned location. But, in most places sunrise is quite late, especially northern latitudes. At such places there will be still be a few hours of darkness after the moon sets.

Debris from Comet 8P/Tuttle triggers the Ursids meteor shower. It revolves around sun once in every 13 years or so. The size of Ursids is bigger as compared to typical cometary particles. They size is that of pebbles and coarse sand.

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