Watching Horror Movies Is Linked With an Increase in Clotting Protein, Factor VIII

Watching Horror Movies Is Linked With an Increase in Clotting Protein, Factor VIII

A newly conducted study has shown that watching g a horror movie is linked with an increase in a particular type of blood-clotting protein, called Factor VIII. The findings of the study were presented in The British Medical Journal Christmas issue.

Dr. Banne Nemeth and colleagues said the first group comprising of 14 participants was assigned to watch the horror movie ‘Insidious’ followed by the documentary ‘A Year in Champagne’. The second group was told to first watch the documentary and then the horror movie i.e. in the reverse order from the first group.

The researchers even collected blood samples of the groups before and after watching the movies. Each participant was also asked to rate the 90-minute-long movies. The horror movie was rated as more frightening than the educational movie, with a 5.4 mean difference in fear rating scores.

The data showed that, not surprisingly, the horror movie was scarier than the educational movie. The researchers were stunned to see that the Factor VIII levels changed in participants. It went up in 57% of the volunteers during the horror movie and it fell 86% when they watched the Champagne documentary.

Nemeth's team, said, “Exposure of young and healthy adults to horror movies is associated with an increase in blood coagulant factor VIII without actual thrombin formation”.

The researchers pointed that other blood-clotting proteins were not affected, and none of the participant suffered a blood clot and there is a simple cure, the researchers advised.

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