Study supports link between dinosaurs and birds and the possibility of warm blooded dinosaurs

Study supports link between dinosaurs and birds and the possibility of warm blooded dinosaurs

A researcher at the University of Calgary conducted a study into dinosaur egg porosity, providing further proof that supports the relation between dinosaurs and birds and the likelihood of warm blooded dinosaurs.

Kohei Tanaka’s research has indicated that the development of nesting patterns took place alongside the evolution of the dinosaurs. Tanaka said, “We found relatively primitive dinosaurs buried their eggs in the ground for incubation like modern crocodiles while eggs were exposed in the nests of more advanced dinosaurs that were similar to birds”.

Tanaka added that the buried eggs of long necked sauropods and primitive carnivorous dinosaurs were porous, allowing oxygen and carbon dioxide distribution while letting water vapor to escape.

Tanaka mentioned that the research has suggested that the porosity degree reduced, at least in tiny meat eating dinosaurs. Tanaka said that some changes can be seen through the dinosaurs’ evolution.

Advanced dinosaurs’ hard shells, the predecessors of modern birds, have indicated that the eggs were hatched in the nest. Warm blooded creatures are the only known animals, which can do incubating.

According to the researcher, the variances in egg shell porosity are linked to alterations in nesting habits and environment that could have been a response to the vulnerability of nest predations.

Tanaka mentioned that his research could be seen as a part of proof, supporting the idea of warm-blooded dinosaurs and that it has demonstrated resemblance between the nesting habits of birds and advanced dinosaurs.

Furthermore, Tanaka asserted that brooding birds can nest in many different locations as they have the capability of providing warmth to the eggs from their body. He called it a quite innovative method.

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