Gigantic Spider Web Stuns Residents of North Memphis

Gigantic Spider Web Stuns Residents of North Memphis

Residents of north Memphis were shocked after seeing about half a mile long spider web that covered the grass. The site appeared to be nothing less than a scene from a horror, said people who were present at the site.

Feared residents said the creatures are crawling all over their windows and doors. A resident named Ida Morris told VVMC Action News sad that she saw about 20 spiders crawling on her porch.

Residents are urging officials to clean the area and spray for these spiders and make the area safe. There are kids playing and running all around and spiders could cause any harm to them.

As per experts, these spiders do not have any control on the air currents and therefore it is not at all certain where they will land. Sometimes they all drop into the same area.

UPI reported that a similar spider emergency event in a Texas neighborhood where several hundred square feet of webbing was found in the summer.

Experts said these spiders are not at all harmful for humans as their mouth is too small to bite and break the skin of a human. A spider can pose threat if it bites anyone, they said.

They said the large spider web that appeared in Memphis was not spun where it was located it might have carried away by the air currents.

According to some experts, these spiders are likely sheetweb weaver spiders from the Linyphiidae family, which has over 4,300 known species that occur around the world.

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