Earth likely to have Long Filaments of Dark Matter: Study

Earth likely to have Long Filaments of Dark Matter: Study

Astrophysical Journal published a study which suggested that our home planet may have hairy dark matter. It also said that apart from earth, some other planets could also have these long filaments of dark matter.

According to the Prézeau, the solar system contains hairy dark matter and scientists on earth do not know about it. The reason may be that these long filaments of dark matter, or hair, are not visible to naked eyes,Prézeau explained.

Prézeau said hairy dark matter is in more than one-quarterall matter and energy in the universe. Itconstitutes just 5% of the universal object, the scientist added.

Scientists have not succeeded in capturing dark matter directly, but they are continuously conducting researches to prove that it really exists. In past, several experiments have been performed to show that the mysterious dark matter is capable of pulling other objectthrough gravitational energy. Some previous researches have even proved that dark matter exists.

As per scientists, dark matter does not leave its place, and avoid interaction with light. They also believe that starscomposed of ordinary matter are result ofdark matter’s changing densities. It is also believed that dark matter and ordinary matter are glued to each other due to gravity.

Prézeau said dark matter particles arefine-grained streams orbiting the Milky Way. “A stream can be much larger than the solar system itself, and there are many different streams crisscrossing our galactic neighborhood”, as per Prézeau.

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