Public Invited to Kennedy Space Centre to Celebrate 45th Anniversary of Moon Landing

Public Invited to Kennedy Space Centre to Celebrate 45th Anniversary of Moon Landing

A moon landing that amazed the whole world 45 years ago will be relived on Sunday, July 20 to commemorate the day Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon. NASA will replay the footage of the moon walk and also air live coverage of the Operations and Checkout building renaming ceremony of the Kennedy Space Centre. The building will be given a new name in honour of Armstrong who passed away in 2012.

The event at the Kennedy Space Centre will feature crew members of Apollo 11, namely Michael Collins, astronaut Jim Lovell and NASA administer Charles Bolden. Orbiting in their lab 260 miles above the Earth, Reid Wiseman and Steven Swanson will also take part in the event. It will air on Monday, July 21 at 10 am on NASA TV.

NASA will also host a second live event on Thursday, July 24 at 6 pm that marks the day Apollo returned safely to the Earth. Moderated by actor Seth Green, a panel discussion called Next Giant Leap of NASA will air from Comic-Con International in San Diego. The panel, featuring Aldrin, will talk about Orion spacecraft of NASA as well as the Space Launch System rocket.

The Kennedy Space Centre will also host a number of multi-media shows and displays at the Apollo/Saturn V Centre, which will honour both Apollo 11 and Apollo 8.

Neil Armstrong, who became the first man to set his foot on the moon, personified the Apollo space mission of NASA. When Armstrong died on August 25, 2012, at age 82, the nation remembered his massive contributions to the space program. "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" is one of the most famous quotes in history and one that still increases our heart rate and makes our eyes turn to the sky in wonder.

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