Betrayal of Trust from Moral Disputes Led To Spread of Early Humans across the World About 100,000 Years Ago

Betrayal of Trust from Moral Disputes Led To Spread of Early Humans across the World About 100,000 Years Ago

Researchers, through a recent study, explained how early humans dispersed throughout the world around 100,000 years ago. This rapid spread of humans was a result of developing human nature, as per the study.

The study by researchers from the University of York suggests that betrayal of trust could be blamed for the spread of humans.

Penny Spikins, a researcher from the University of York, said in a statement that the movement of archaic humans before developing the sense of betrayals of trust was slow. Spikins said they were majorly governed by environmental events due to ecological changes or population increases.

But slowly, as early humans became aware of the betrayals, they started to punish those who cheated them, and slowly with time, this 'dark' side of human nature developed.

The researchers highlighted that this sense of broken trust and moral disputes pushed the early humans to maintain a distance from their rivals. Slowly, the populations or rivals started to go far away from each other and dispersed across the world.

According to Spikins, human emotional relationships could be the main driver behind this change. The study states that larger social networks found it easier to make new colonies with distant allies.

The researchers said about 100,000 years ago and later, spread into remote, risky and hostile areas became more regular as compared to movements into already occupied areas.

“Active colonisations of and through hazardous terrain are difficult to explain through immediate pragmatic choices. But they become easier to explain through the rise of the strong motivations to harm others even at one's own expense which widespread emotional commitments bring”, Spikins explained.

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