Chinese Scientists find Gene that makes Enterobacteriaceae resistant to Antibiotics

Chinese Scientists find Gene that makes Enterobacteriaceae resistant to Antibiotics

Chinese scientists claimed they have found a gene that could make Enterobacteriaceae, which is also known as common bacteria, resistant to antibiotics that pose serious health complications when passed to others.

More than 22,000 individuals around the world lose their lives due to antibiotic-resistant germs. Although scientists have found drugs that could kill Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), scientists from South China Agricultural University claimed they found a gene that passes between bacteria like E. coli.

According to the scientists, they found strains with a polymyxin resistance mechanism when they were conducting a study on antibiotic resistance of E. coli. Polymyxin resistance mechanism, or MCR-1, is a gene capable of making drugs ineffective. Polymyxins are also called as 'last line of defense' as they are used when other antibiotics do not work.

The latest finding has been published in The Lancet: Infectious Diseases. "The emergence of MCR-1 heralds the breach of the last group of antibiotics. There is a critical need to re-evaluate the use of polymyxins in animals and for very close international monitoring and surveillance of MCR-1 in human and veterinary medicine", according to the scientists.

Scientists believe the bacteria developed resistance as pigs in the country usually eat antibiotic colistin. The bacteria infected those people who eat meat of those pigs. Dr. Bruce Polsky from Winthrop-University Hospital said in such cases, the antibiotic colistin is the last option. According to Polsky, colistin can be preserved by restricting the use of antibiotics in animal-feed.

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