Honda unveils its new, powerful and sporty Civic Coupe

Honda unveils its new, powerful and sporty Civic Coupe

In a noteworthy new-vehicle unveiling coming ahead of the Los Angeles Auto Show, bigwig automaker Honda introduced its powerful new Civic Coupe on Tuesday, at the company’s design studio in downtown Los Angeles.

The new Honda Civic Coupe is scheduled to hit showrooms in March 2016.

The newly-unveiled Civic Coupe is a sporty, two-door version of Honda’s Civic sedan. The automaker is hopeful that the new coupe version of its dramatically restyled Civic compact will generate renewed enthusiasm among the Honda Civic fans.

With Honda’s US division head Jeff Conrad revealing that approximately 10-15 percent of the buyers of Honda Civic prefer to purchase the Civic Coupe, Honda is optimistic that the new Civic model will increase that percentage significantly.

The new Civic Coupe will be available in two choices in engine --- a base 2-liter, 158-horsepower engine; and a fancier 1.5-liter turbo engine which has the capability to deliver 174 horsepower. Both the engines of the new Civic Coupe will get a combined 35 miles per gallon.

Describing the new Civic Coupe as “the sportiest, most tech-savvy coupe” ever manufactured by Honda, Guy Melville Brown – Honda’s lead exterior designer – said at the vehicle’s unveiling: “This car we wanted to be like a go kart. Something you could throw around and enjoy.”

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