Researchers study Weather Systems of PSO J318.5-22

Researchers study Weather Systems of PSO J318.5-22

Researchers claimed they have studied the weather systems on alien world,PSO J318.5-22, about 20 million years old. According to the University of Edinburgh researchers, they studied the weather system in the distant world for the first time by using European Southern Observatory’s New Technology Telescope in Chile.

Dr. Beth Biller, a researcher from the University of Edinburgh’s School of Physics and Astronomy, and other researchers in the study said the temperatures inside the alien world’sclouds were observed exceeding 800 degrees Celsius, or 1,470 degrees Fahrenheit.

Currently, the alien planet,PSO J318.5-22, has beendrifting through space. The researchers found that the object, which is without a star, has surprising weather. According toBiller, “The new findings may improve scientists’ ability to determine whether conditions in distant worlds’ are capable of sustaining life as we know it”.

The researchers captured many infra-red photos of the alien world as it rotated over a period of five hours. They believed that the weather systems of the object’s clouds could be similar to Great Red Spot of Jupiter. It suggests that massive hurricanes must becircling the object’s atmosphere.

The object was spotted drifting without its star, but this thing allowed the researcher to take correctmeasurements of its weather. They were able to make measurements with very little interference from any outside light source.

Apart from researcher from the University of Edinburgh, the study included researchers from the US, France, Germany and Spain.

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