Electric Eels Curl Their Bodies to Double Shock Voltage they Deliver on their Meal

Electric Eels Curl Their Bodies to Double Shock Voltage they Deliver on their Meal

You will be surprised to know the amazing capability of electric eels to bend their bodies like horseshoe-like shape to double the voltage of their shock. Though, the electric eels are not the most handsome underwater creatures around but nature has gifted their serpentine-like bodies with specialized cells which act like tiny batteries.

Electric eels enhance their shock voltage by bringing their head close to their tail. But, in case of big preys or more-difficult-to-capture prey the eels bite their prey first and then curl around it. Researchers said that the eels completely paralyze their prey with an extent equal to administering a dose of a paralytic agent like curare. It has been reported that when the eels discharges an electric current on its prey the muscles of the prey gets contracted with the increase in the pulse rate and it becomes vulnerable for certain period of time. Researchers said that the electric eels know how to give electric shock twice to their prey without expanding extra energy. The eels know how to inactivate muscles of their prey with electricity much similar to the way snakes inject their venom when fighting with their preys.

Kenneth Catania, Vanderbilt University's biologist, said “The eel essentially has remote control over the prey's muscles and runs them to exhaustion, leaving the prey temporarily helpless”. Catania is surprised to see that how this sea creature protects their own brain, muscles and nervous system from getting electrocuted.

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