Oxford University finds Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is not actually a chronic illness

Oxford University finds Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is not actually a chronic illness

Oxford University has discovered that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is not actually a chronic illness. It also found that sufferers of the disease can overcome symptoms by doing more exercise and staying positive. During the landmark study, hundreds of sufferers were followed for two years. The study has found that the ones who were motivated to be more active and encouraged to change their mind-set suffered less fatigue and were able to deal with daily life more easily.

The condition is also called ME and once dismissed as ‘Yuppie flu’. It is a recognized illness, which affects nearly 250,000 people in Britain. Extreme fatigue, joint pain, headaches and memory problems are often reported by patients, but doctors still are not aware of the cause or cure.

However, the latest study has found that graded exercise therapy (GET), wherein sufferers gradually increase activity levels, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), in which a patient is encouraged to have positive thinking and behavior, had a remarkable impact. Study finding is quite significant because as per many CFS sufferers, exercise will make their condition worse.

Study researchers found that over two and a half years there was no deterioration and most of the participants reported feeling less tired and were able to finish their daily chores with more ease.

Prof Michael Sharpe, the study’s author, of Oxford University, recently said that it was not easy to find an umbrella cure for CFS or ME as it was likely to encompass many illnesses having different causes.

He said, “It’s probably not all the same thing. It’s quite likely that within that there is a range of different causes. Nobody has really been able to pin down a way of dividing it up”.

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