Giants tight-end Daniel Fells undergoes seven surgeries and more are scheduled

Giants tight-end Daniel Fells undergoes seven surgeries and more are scheduled

After being in hospital for nearly three weeks, battling an aggressive MRSA infection, the prognosis has finally shown some positive results for Giants tight end Daniel Fells. So far, Daniel Fells has undergone 7 surgeries on his foot. All the surgeries have gone ravaged due to the antibiotic resistant Staph infection, and more surgeries are in line.

But people familiar with his condition have informed that Daniel Fells’ scans and cultures have come back ‘looking good’. They said that it is likely that he will be discharged from the hospital this week.

Furthermore, now doctors believe that they will be able to save Fells' foot. Throughout the process the main concern was amputation.

There was a match between the Giants and the Eagles, but Fells was not a part of it and was placed on season-ending injured reserve several weeks back.In juries in the toe and ankle led to a cortisone shot and Fells was in the emergency room by October 2 with a high fever and infection. The Giants gave information to their players on the situation, and gave a visit to Fells, and scrubbed their facilities.

There was a moment which the situation was quite worse for Fells, whose infection crept into his lungs. But then doctors finally succeeded in controlling the condition, the foot looked clean, and the infection didn’t make a comeback.

Daniel Fells still has to undergo at least 2 more surgeries, mainly to make sure that the infected area is clean, properly medicated, and washed out. Doctors have removed the infected bone, and antibiotics are treating his lungs.

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