Los Angeles Council legalizes Urban Beekeeping

Los Angeles Council legalizes Urban Beekeeping

Los Angeles council on Wednesday overturned a ban on urban beekeeping and approved backyard beekeeping law. Apart from overturning the ban dating to 1879, the city council made clear that concerns like urban beekeeping may bring aggressive Africanized hives are pointless.

Before the council’s vote on Wednesday, Councilman Paul Koretz, said, “To have bees or not to have bees, that is the question. But there is no question. We must have bees”.

Office of Eric Garcetti, mayor of Los Angeles, confirmed the approval of the law and said the mayor will sign the ordinance. After that, Los Angeles will become another US city after New York, San Francisco and some others to legalize urban beekeeping.

There are reports the second-largest city of the country already has many hives. Some of them are wild, while the others are illegal. As per some estimates, the number of wild hives could be about 10 per square mile after the ordinance.

Usually, wild hives found in public places are removed amid fears that they could be Africanized bees. People familiar with such bees said honeybees attack only when they are defending their hives.

After the new ordinance, beekeeping in Los Angeles will be restricted to backyards of single-family homes. Beekeepers will have to keep a water source for the hives, as per the ordinance. People who want to keep bees must have to register with the Los Angeles County Agricultural Commission.

Supporters of the ordinance have welcomed the decision and said bees are an important part of a healthy environment.

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