Use of FIBC Bags could be Source of Deadly Piglet Virus in U.S.

Use of FIBC Bags could be Source of Deadly Piglet Virus in U.S.

Officials at the Agriculture Department in U.S. got clue behind the invasion of deadly piglet virus which killed million so people in U.S. in past two years. They said that the deadly piglet virus must have entered on large bags that are typically used to transport feed and other bulk products in the country.

In order to know whether the virus was intentionally brought into the country or came accidentally, APHIS officials looked at 17 possible scenarios. It has been reported that some of those 17 scenarios are now considered to be plausible explanations. Before the outbreak, the bags were sold online and were frequently used by animal feed mills without being cleaned or disinfected. There were no rules over the re-use of FIBC bags for importing products and the Federal and state investigators thought that the source of the outbreak could be linked to feed or feed delivery systems. The reason for contamination of the bags could be any from exposure to irrigation or flood waters containing organic fertilizer or it could have contaminated in an origin country’s transport trucks.

Between 2013 and 2014, about 10% of the U.S. hog population was killed because of the outbreak of PEDv. As per some agriculture economists, the outbreak must have cost around $1.8 billion to the United States. In 2013, veterinary researchers tracking the outbreak found 99.5% similarity in genetic make-up of the PEDv virus and the Anhui Province of China.

This caused the researchers to think that the contaminated bags must have been contaminated with majority of products and ingredients that are either used or produced in China.

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