Prawn Nebula, captured through a close lens

Prawn Nebula, captured through a close lens

In a new study, the Prawn Nebula has recently been captured through new pictures, which are clearer and help to get a better insight of the object and its properties affecting the earth.

It show stars blue in colour, which are the reason for gas clouds in the nebula. The Prawn Nebula is known by different other names such as the Gum 56 or the IC 428. It is further revealed that the major ionization that the two 0-type stars do, is actually by the Nebula, which are blue-white and hot in property. These are some of the rarest stars in the universe, because the blue giants mean that they are perished easily. These new pictures shall give scientists an insight of the Nebula and help them understand its dynamics better in the time to come.

They tend to end their lives in about a million years, collapsing in on them, and a number of other massive stars inside the nebula follow suit. There are a number of newborn stars harbouring within the nebula. Besides this, the layers of gas and dust give way to the rise of newer generations of stars. In the new images, the nebula region that actually gives birth to the newer generation of stars is depicted by dense clouds. The material responsible for producing new stars is basically the remains of older huge stars, which have ended their lives already, and have let out their material through massive supernova explosions.

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