California man accused of killing 5 people is also a suspect in 2014 child homicide

California man accused of killing 5 people is also a suspect in 2014 child homicide

A California man arrested and charged by police with multiple murders at a Modesto home is also a suspect in the death of a child last year, Modesto Police Chief Galen Carroll said.

Martin Martinez, 30, was arrested on Sunday after the bodies of his baby daughter, his mother, a woman and two other children were discovered inside a home in Modesto. Police charged him with murders of all the five members of his own family.

Two adult victims have been identified as Amanda Crews, a doctor with whom Martinez had a relationship; and Anna Brown Romero, mother of the suspect. But investigators didn't disclose what evidence led them to conclude that Martinez killed all of his family members.

A few days back, a doctor determined that death of a 2-year-old boy in Martinez's care in October last year was a homicide and not an accident. Police described Martinez as a suspect in that case too.

It may be noted here that last year's victim was a son of Amanda Crews, who was in relationship with Martinez and was among the five people killed by him over the weekend.

When asked whether the weekend murders could have been prevented if police had worked more rapidly to solve last year's case, Modesto Police Chief Carroll defended his department's response.

Defending his department's response, Carroll said, "The police department did not drop the ball. It is horrible that this tragedy happened, but there were no indications leading up to that time that anything like this would occur."

Martinez is currently held in the Santa Clara County Jail without bail. It couldn't be ascertained whether he had a lawyer. Investigators are in search of witnesses to build their case against the suspect.

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