Several factors responsible for rising crime rate in Los Angeles

Several factors responsible for rising crime rate in Los Angeles

A recently released report by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) revealed that crime rate in the city jumped in the first six months of this year after a 12-year decline. The city's crime rate jumped despite deployment of more officers on the streets and targeting of certain types of offenses by police.

City officials are failing to explain why crime rate jumped in the city after repeated declines over more than a decade. Mayor Eric Garcetti and Police Chief Charlie Beck attributed the rise in crimes to gang violence and homelessness.

But, experts are also blaming voters' approval for Proposition 47, which turned a number of nonviolent felonies into misdemeanors. All of those incidents contributed to the rise in the city's crime rate.

Mayor Garcetti and Police Chief Beck must be aware of Proposition 47's role but they are not likely to address that issue publicly, even as LAPD officers' morale is in a bad condition. The violent protests in wake of death of Michael Brown last year aggravated an anti-police hysteria. While every investigative body that examined the case found that Darren Wilson, the officer who shot Brown, acted in self-defense and the shooting was within the law. Nonetheless, Wilson was hounded from his job and the incident exploited by the alleged anti-police industry.

According to the LAPD's latest report, crime rate in the city jumped 13 per cent in the first half of this year. Aggravated assaults, including domestic violence, reported the sharpest spike. Rate of aggravated assaults climbed 26 per cent, while rapes and robberies increased at a rate of 8 per cent and 17 per cent, respectively.

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