Summers in America could become unbearable by the End of Century

Summers in America will Not Please You by the End of Century

It has been revealed by a newly unveiled set of weather predictions for 1,001 cities across the United States that warming will keep on increasing throughout the country because of rise in levels of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. As a result, places like Boston will have weather similar to Miami.

A new 1,001 Blistering Future Summers is an interactive report posted online by Climate Central news organization. It is aimed at analyzing and reporting climate science and the kind of impact climate change is having on America.

"Summers in most of the U. S. are already warmer than they were in the 1970s... and climate models tell us that summers are going to keep getting hotter as greenhouse gas emissions continue", said a news release about the new study.

It is important to know about the effects of this global warming on the environment of our planet. The new analysis provides a clear picture about how dramatic warming will be during future summers in 1,000 cities in the US by the end of this century, demanding curative actions to mitigate the effects if global warming.

If the current rates of emission will persist then Boston's average summer high temperatures will seek a rise in its temperatures of more than 10 degrees Fahrenheit to its current temperature. It will make North Miami Beach similar to Balmy.

The study release said that summers in most of the 1,001 cities will be same as summers now in Texas and Florida.

Summers are likely to become so warm in some cities, like Las Vegas, that it will feel like their counterparts in the Middle East. Sin City in Nevada is likely to have summers with an average of 111 Fahrenheit by the end of the century, which is as hot as a summer day in today's Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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