Alberta Launches ‘Don't Let It Loose’ Campaign to Curb Giant Goldfish Menace

Alberta Launches ‘Don't Let It Loose’ Campaign to Curb Giant Goldfish Menace

The innocent little creature swimming around in your aquariums is seldom viewed as a potential threat. However, the Alberta wildlife experts have raised an alarm after discovering several specimens of giant goldfish as big as 20 centimeters in different areas of the province.

Kate Wilson, Alberta’s aquatic invasive species co-coordinator stated,” It really is becoming an issue. Once released from your small aquarium, a lot of these species can get quite large because they're not constrained by the size of the tank”.

It has been reported that the Alberta province has launched the ‘Don’t Let It Loose’ awareness campaign after goldfish, about the size of ‘dinner plates’ have been spotted in Alberta ponds.

Wilson asserted that we can’t afford letting these fish breed in the wild. Wilson added that the officials have found evidence that the fish are breeding and surviving through Fort McMurray’s cold winters, which suggests that their numbers are increasing.

The province of Alberta is already troubled by invasive zebra mussels, lampreys and Prussian carp, and now batting a new invasion would take a toll on the province officials. The necessity to curb the invasive species arises because the invasion can significantly alter the balance of Alberta’s aquatic ecosystems and can thus, be potentially devastating for the environment.

Wilson explained that the invasive goldfish is a menace as they would compete with native species for food and moreover, they have also been known to eat fish eggs.

Thus, the invasive species experts in Alberta are warning people against flushing live goldfish down the toilet. The administration has ruled a fine up to $100,000 under the Alberta Fisheries Act on whosoever is caught flushing live fish or the contents of their home aquarium.

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