Ireland becomes First Nation in World to vote for Gay Marriage

Ireland becomes First Nation in World to vote for Gay Marriage

Ireland voted for gay marriage on Saturday. The nation has become the first country in the world to conduct voting on the issue. There was a high turnaround for the voting and a strong lead for ‘Yes’ votes.

Both sides of the issue’s referendum announced victory for ‘Yes’ campaigners. “There is going to be a very substantial majority for a 'Yes' vote. I'm not at all surprised by that to be honest with you”, said Irish Sen. Ronan Mullen, who is one of the few politicians who campaigned for rejection.

Political analyst Noel Whelan said that a change has been witnessed as ‘yes’ was in majority even in conservative rural districts. Now, there is only question as how large the ‘yes’ majority would be in the nation.

Government minister Leo Varadkar was of the view that 70% of the votes are in the favor of gay marriage and 30% against the idea. Final results are expected later Saturday. Polling station officials think that in this voting, there could 60% of turnaround for the first time after the nation voted to legalize divorce in 1995.

Young and first-time voters heavily participated in the voting. Thousands of emigrants returned to the nation to take part in the world’s first direct national voting on gay marriage. Opponents affirmed that Ireland has already given green signal to civil partnerships. Therefore, same-sex marriage is a step they considered to be too far.

Sisters Rebecca and Rachel Doyle from Enniscorthy, County Wexford were among 2,000 people who were allowed to see the counting procedure at Dublin Castle. Rebecca shared that the voting and majority of ‘Yes’ voting shows that not only situations, but attitudes of people towards things have changed.

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