EDGE Economy to suffer because of delay in Net Neutrality Rules, says FCC

EDGE Economy to suffer because of delay in Net Neutrality Rules, says FCC

Stay for a portion of the Federal Communications Commission's historic decision to impose net neutrality rules has been demanded by AT&T, CenturyLink and a coalition of trade groups. They have recently urged a federal appellate court for the same.

Doing away with all the new regulations is not what AT&T and the others are asking for, neither the companies want to have delay in implementation of the three new bright line rules intended to not allow providers to block or degrade traffic from creating paid fast lanes. All they want is to get stay on the FCC’s decision to regulate broadband as a utility.

However, the FCC has to say that the bright-line rules won't be enforceable on their own. “Make no mistake. If petitioners obtain a stay of the FCC’s decision to reclassify broadband ... those bright line rules will be temporarily gone”, FCC said in new legal papers.

Voting was done in 2014 by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals to invalidate a prior version of open Internet rules, said the FCC and DOJ. Under those rules, broadband providers are not allowed to block or degrade traffic. The rules also prohibit them from getting involved in unreasonable discrimination.

Those regulations were nixed by the appellate court, considering that the authority to prohibit operators of common-carrier services from blocking or degrading traffic was of the FCC only. The rules will come into effect on June 12; however, a stay can delay them.

AT&T and the other opponents want the stay as they fear monetary loss owing to uncertainty over the FCC’s proposed case-by-case approach. However, net neutrality supporters, including Obama administration, are of the belief that delaying the rules would instead hurt the consumers and content companies. The agencies have to say that the edge economy will suffer in the absence of open Internet rules and standards.

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