Australian Town Gets Drenched in Spider Showers!

Australian Town Gets Drenched in Spider Showers!

‘Some people feel the rain, others just get wet’

But the rain showers that this Australian rural town, Goulburn experienced were noticed by all and endured by everyone.

The residents of Goulburn woke up an early April morning, witnessing their nightmare come alive with millions of eight-legged creatures raining down, mesh of webs blotting the sky and enveloping their homes and yards.

Ian Watson, a resident of Goulburn, was awestruck with what he saw. He described the whole place being covered in these little black spiderlings and when he looked up at the sun it was like this tunnel of webs going up for a couple of hundred metres into the sky. Watson remarked,” It was beautiful. But at the same time I was annoyed because you couldn't go out without getting spider webs on you. And I've got a beard as well, so they kept getting in my beard”.

The naturalists extend the natural explanation to this strange phenomenon of onslaught of spiders. This event is commonly known as 'spider rain' and is explained by a migration technique called ‘ballooning’. Scientists believe the technique of ballooning has allowed arachnids to colonise virtually every continent on Earth.

Under the phenomena named 'angel hair', the baby spiders climb to the top of plants and trees and then leap off, using a streamer of silk that are picked up by the breeze. This causes the sky atop to be canopied by these creepy critters, and may lead to entire fields and towns being covered in a thin blanket of the silk.

Martyn Robinson, a Naturalist from Australian Museum said baby spiders are carried almost 1.8 miles above the ground. He further explained that the spiders can literally travel for kilometres, which is why every continent has spiders. They even turn up in Antarctica but are unable to survive.

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