SpaceX releases series of retro Mars exploration posters

SpaceX releases series of retro Mars exploration posters

SpaceX’s CEO Elon Musk's has launched a series of travel posters that display some of the Red Planet's top destinations.

Everybody has fantasized about going to Mars, grow crops there, plug in a microwave and receive decent Wi-Fi. SpaceX’s Mars posters have certainly tapped into humanity’s thirst to get off Earth.

Mars has become the foundation of centuries of astronomy and fortunes of research, manpower and equipment. Rovers and photographer satellites have been sent out on Mars. Musk even set up SpaceX with the original goal of getting humans there.

However, the project plans to give a few ‘lucky’ people a one-way ticket there. Mars is devoted by two moons named Phobos and Deimos. These moons don’t actually spin as they are tidally locked due to Mars’ gravity.

The glorious posters have painted vivid pictures of touring the moons. One side of them constantly faces Mars. One can enjoy a view full to the brim of the red planet throughout their entire stay.

SpaceX has also begun the development of a large rocket engine named Raptor. It is a part of Mars’ Colonial Transporter mission that could be capable of getting astronauts to Mars. However, it seems that it would unlikely to be operational for at least another decade.

Ryan MacDonal, a 21-year-old physics student from Derby who made the Mars One shortlist said, “To search for evidence of past or present life, to speak to and inspire schoolchildren back on Earth, to build the first civilization on another planet. How could anyone say no to that?”

However, the initiative of colonizing on Mars has been criticized by scientists and aerospace engineers. According to them, the technical and financial aspects the projects are unrealistic.

SpaceX is involved in space exploration efforts and working on next generation rocket technology to make space travel easier and cheaper.

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