Russian Proton-M rocket carrying Mexican Communication Satellite Crashes

Russian Proton-M rocket carrying Mexican Communication Satellite Crashes

On Saturday morning, a Russian Proton-M rocket was launched from the Baikonur launch pad in Kazakhstan. Soon after its launch, the rocket carrying a Mexican satellite malfunctioned and crashed in Siberia.

Roscosmos, the Russian Federal Space Agency, said that owing to malfunctioning, the rocket crashed. It is carrying out an investigation to know exactly what had happened.

“The failure happened at an altitude of 161 kilometers. The third stage, the booster vehicle and the spacecraft completely burned up in atmosphere. As of now there are no reports of debris reaching the ground”, said the agency.

Eastern Siberian authorities have been looking out for the third stage of the rocket. It is suspected that it has crashed in the Zabaikalsky region. Concerns have also been raised about the toxic fuel that the rocket was carrying. It could have exploded at the crash site, but the Russian space agency is tight lipped on the matter.

It is not the first time that the Proton-M rocket has crashed, as it has history of doing it. In 2014, three navigation satellites were lost. There are chances that the incident could have an impact on other Proton-M launches. Suspensions of the satellites can take place, including the next launch to take place in June for a British satellite.

The agency has been carried out investigation on all Proton-M rockets and it could take several weeks for the first results to be released. Though Preliminary data indicates that the third stage and the Mexican satellite may have fallen in the Chita region, local authorities said that there were no reports of debris falling anywhere in the nearby towns.

Saturday’s schedule was initially launched for April 29 but owing to Boeing’s request, it was postponed as the company need additional time for satellite testing.

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