California Drought Calls for Water-Rationing in San Jose

California Drought Calls for Water-Rationing in San Jose

In wake of the ongoing drought in California, the San Jose Water Company has brought in mandatory usage limits to contain the superfluous water usage by its residents and businesses.

The plan was made public on Monday, May 11, wherein every business house and resident would be given a monthly water use limit, exceeding which they will invite fines. The ceilings have been imposed owing to the continuing drought, which marks four years since its beginning. A similar water cut has been imposed in Santa Cruz. Even California Water Services Company, which serves over two million people, has devised a water-use plan, to be made operational in the coming month.

The San Hose Water Co. presently caters to around 80 percent of San Jose’s population, about one million residents. The limits to be imposed, would be calculated as per the base year 2013. The average amount of water utilized by each user in 2013 shall form the benchmark, with a 30 percent reduction target. The residents will now get to use 13 units of water, less than the 19 units allowed earlier, denoting a 30 percent reduction as stipulated.

Governor Jerry Brown has called for a mandatory 25 percent cut in urban water use compared with 2013 levels. This rationing in usage of water is necessary to ensure that there is enough water available for 2016, if the present drought prevails.

However, the water co. did not disclose the details regarding the scale of fines. But, this sudden announcement had the residents anxious, as they felt that it would be difficult for them to adhere to the stringent limits. This included people who require greater amounts of water for landscape irrigation.

However, the plan might see the light of the day only after mid-June. This is because it requires to be approved by the state Public Utilities Commission, before being put to execution.

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