Bullet Train fares could be a bargain for Californians

Bullet Train fares could be a bargain for Californians

The bullet train fare from Los Angeles to San Francisco could be $86, which comes at 20 cents per mile, according to a report published in the Los Angeles Times. The cost Californians will be paying for the fast travel would be the lowest across the world. The state authorities estimate that the high-speed train would be fully operational by 2028.

The California high speed rail agency had earlier projected the fare between Los Angeles and San Francisco at $83 and $105. The final fare will be set after consultation with a private company hired by the authority to operate the high-speed rail network.

In comparison, the bullet train fare in China is 22 cents per mile for journey between Beijing and Shanghai. The 434-mile bullet train journey between Milan and Salerno in Italy costs 25 cents per mile. Among the higher cost bullet trains are the routes between Paris and Lyon (52 cents per mile) and Hannover and Wurzburg (46 cents per mile).

In Japan, travelers prefer bullet train instead of flights between some of the cities. The bullet train between Paris and Lyon is considered as the most profitable in the world. The cost of travel plays as an important factor when passengers choose between different options for travel.

In a report published in 2012, rail authority Chief Executive Jeff Morales said that the system would require annual subsidy in range of $123 million to $1 billion.

Comparing the cost to high-speed rail systems in Europe and Asia, the current estimates for $86 for a journey between Los Angeles and San Francisco would mark it as a bargain for Californians. The profitability of the venture will also depend on the load factor. Once the system is operational, the passenger numbers will also depend on how airlines will respond to the competition. The ridership estimates have varied widely in almost all the recently issued reports.

(Image Source: TGV Paris)

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