Lyft launching its car service in several New York boroughs

Lyft launching its car service in several New York boroughs

Close on the heels of Uber's recent announcement that it is slashing the cost of its UberX rides in New York City, rival car service Lyft said in an official statement released on Tuesday that it is launching its service in a number of New York's boroughs.

According to the Lyft statement, the San Francisco-based company's pink mustachioed cars are set for roll out in Brooklyn and Queens on Friday, July 11. The Lyft cars will offer rides which, as per the company's claims, are cheaper as well as safer than yellow cabs.

About the forthcoming launch of its car service in New York, Lyft said in its statement: "This week, we take a historic step forward in bringing community-powered transportation to all corners of the country."

Asserting that the debut of its car service in New York City comes after "receiving unprecedented support from tens of thousands of residents," Lyft said that it will debut in New York City on Friday at 7pm local time; with the outer boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens to be its first communities.

Lyft also said that it is launching in New York City with over 500 drivers; and added that more than 75,000 people have already opened its app in the region.

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