San Francisco becomes first US city to ban chewing tobacco from its playing fields

San Francisco becomes first US city to ban chewing tobacco from its playing fields

San Francisco has become the first city across the nation to ban chewing tobacco from its playing fields such as AT&T Park, which is home to the San Francisco Giants.

Players and the manager of the team have expressed support for the ordinance that Mayor Ed Lee signed into law on Friday. But, they have shown concerns about breaking the chewing habit.

The ordinance is going to be effective from January 1. It will prohibit the use of smokeless tobacco at athletic venues, specifically singling out baseball, which has a long history of players, who masticate and spit tobacco juice in view of children who worship them.

Giants manager Bruce Bochy, who has chewed tobacco on and off for decades but finally quit it at one point with the help from a hypnotist said that the step has been taken in the right direction.

Bochy added that it’s going to be a tough deal for some of the players, who have grown up playing with it. He said that certainly he doesn’t endorse it at all as he has two sons, and the one thing he has asked them is to don't ever start dipping.

The San Francisco ordinance was the part of an overall push by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, based in Washington, D.C. It has targeted the city and California for the promotion of its anti-smoking efforts.

There is another more expansive bill making its way through the Assembly. It will outlaw all tobacco use, including electronic cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, wherever an organized game of baseball is played in California.

Matthew L. Myers, president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, said, “Today, San Francisco entered the history books as the first city to take tobacco out of baseball. The home of the world champion Giants has set an example that all of Major League Baseball and the rest of the country should quickly follow”.

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