Google brings Cloud Bigtable Database Service on cloud platform

Google brings Cloud Bigtable Database Service on cloud platform

Technology major Google has launched Cloud Bigtable database service, which could help in bringing the Google infrastructure to cloud computing customers. In addition, the service will also be useful for Internet of Things applications.

On Wednesday, the Mountain View, California-headquartered Google announced its plans to introduce Google Cloud Bigtable. According to the company, the Cloud Bigtable is a managed cloud database service which is based on the technology that the company uses for its own applications like Google Maps and Google search. As per experts, the new service will broaden the company’s effort to challenge Amazon Web Services.

According to reports, the technology company Google started developing its Cloud Bigtable about ten years ago as a high-performance distributed data storage system. Now, the company specializing in Internet-related services and products has been offering its infrastructure for rent.

During a telephonic interview, Miles Ward, global head of solutions for cloud platform of Google, said that the company has not designed the system just as a data warehouse. According to Ward, the system is a high performance, real-time and transactional database.

Ward said Cloud Bigtable database service is among the Google’s foundational technologies. The database is a NoSQL database, which means that it is appropriate for analytics, reporting and real-time transactions. According to Ward, “It offers roughly twice the performance for the price of comparable systems like Amazon DynamoDB, Cassandra, or HBase running on standalone compute infrastructure”.

Cloud Bigtable of the company is capable of working with the open source HBase API. In addition, it can be integrated with a number of applications like Google BigQuery, Hadoop, Google Cloud DataflowStorm and Spark.

Ward said as a service for users, developers managed to unlock workloads that were previously too expensive to do.

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