Bill Clinton comes forward to defend ‘Clinton Foundation’

Bill Clinton comes forward to defend ‘Clinton Foundation’

The Clinton Foundation, a non-profit foundation established by former President of the United States Bill Clinton, has been target of critics for a long time. Previously, Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is Democratic nominee for 2016 presidential election, was seen defending the foundation. Now, former president Bill Clinton has defended his family’s foundation.

Bill Clinton said that there is nothing ‘sinister’ at work. He also revealed that he will probably step down as president of the Clinton Foundation if his wife Hillary Clinton manages to win the presidency.

Clinton talked on the issue during an interview, which was aired on Monday on ‘Today’ show of NBC. The former president of the United States talked on the issue as there were many reports which raised questions on the Clinton Foundation. Some critics said that the foundation benefits its donors.

During the interview, he said that the criticism is a deliberate attempt to take the Clinton Foundation down. According to him, there is no fact that is known. Clinton and Chelsea, daughter of Clinton, are currently on a tour of Clinton Foundation projects in Africa.

Earlier, critics raised questions about potential links between donations from foreign governments and policies that former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pursued while staying at the position of secretary of state. Now, as Hillary has been running for president, critics said that political donors will try to win favor.

According to Bill Clinton, about 90% of donors give $100 or less to the foundation. But more than 50%of the donors, which give $5 million or more, are from foreign countries, including foreign governments. Earlier, the foundation announced it will take money from only six Western countries.

Clinton said, “It's an acknowledgment that we're going to come as close as we can during her presidential campaign to following the rules we followed when she became secretary of state”.

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