Educational Support Important for Kids with Autism to Keep Symptoms at Bay

Educational Support Important for Kids with Autism to Keep Symptoms at Bay

A new study has found that special educational support is required for kids who continue to have emotional and behavioral symptoms even four years after their social and cognitive symptoms of autism had been resolved.

The findings of the study were discussed at the Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting in San Diego, CA. The study was conducted with an aim to determine whether any children diagnosed with autism exhibited any deficits after the resolution of early symptoms to the extent that they no longer met the criteria for autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

For the study, the researchers looked into data for children diagnosed with ASD in 2003-2013. Symptoms of all the children have resolved around 4 years later upon re-evaluation.

The team led by Dr. Lisa Shulman, an associate professor of clinical pediatrics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, found that 38 of 569 children living in the Bronx who had been diagnosed with ASD as infants no longer met the requirements for ASD diagnosis. Residual learning, emotional, and/or behavioral issues that require attention was still seen in 35 of the 38, despite weakening of autism's social impairment, as well as improved cognitive functioning.

“Autism generally has been considered a lifelong condition, but 7% of children in this [program] who received an early diagnosis experienced a resolution of autistic symptoms over time", explains Dr. Shulman.

Diagnosis of ASD typically happens in kids after the age of 4, although the diagnosis can effectively happen as early as the age of 2. Developmental problems, like issues with hearing or vision, are often exhibited by children with ASD before their first birthday.

Early diagnosis of ASD increases the chances of the kid to respond to the treatment.

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