Cyber Attack disrupts Hawaiian Thirty Meter Telescope’s Official Website for two hours

Cyber Attack disrupts Hawaiian Thirty Meter Telescope’s Official Website for two hours

The Hawaiian Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT)'s official website experienced a cyber attack that downed it for two hours. The cyber attack was launched to protest against the construction on Mauna Kea.

A primitive DDoS attack on the TMT and Hawaiian government sites was launched by a group called Operation Green Rights, claiming to be affiliated to Anonymous. The group also posted trophy screens grabs to its blog along with the statement, “Nothing will ever justify the destruction of ecosystems; filthy money can never replace them. Stand with the Hawaiian natives against #TMT”.

Hawaii has become a popular place for large telescopes for being at a location well away from the light and radio pollution of much of the developed world.

The island of Mauna Kea has 13 telescopes, but the real cause behind the protest is work to build the TMT, which is believed to become the world’s most advanced ground-based optical, near-infrared, and mid-infrared observatory.

According to Operation Green rights, the project is “ecocide” and it violates the right of native people. On the other hand, The TMT organization has to say that the reason behind choosing Hawaii as the site for the telescope in question is because it’s an area where there are no endangered plants or bugs. Also, it is well away from anything of cultural and architectural significance.

Cyber attacks has appeared to be a new strategy for protest as previous ones were seen in the form of poetry, dance, visual art and protest songs that expressed deep love for the land.

The construction of the telescope is likely to take 8-10 years. Thirty Meter Telescope spokeswoman Caroline Witherspoon confirmed that a cyber attack downed the company’s website for two hours, but it was not known who was behind the attack.

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