YouTube has Started Putting ISP blame on Slow Videos

YouTube has Started Putting ISP blame on Slow Videos

YouTube, which is a video sharing service owned by Google has followed the video service Netflix and is now naming (Internet service Providers) ISPs publicly like Australian providers who are guilty of giving slow download speeds.

Most users just blame YouTube when videos take time in buffering or there is difficulty in playing them but it now offers a new tool which allows users to find out why.

The new 'Video Quality Report' page of You Tube displays video playback quality for Internet Service Providers in your area and measures them based on their ability to stream HD content to customers from its content delivery networks (CDNs).

The development team of YouTube has launched pop-up warning messages on lagging videos with a link to the `Google Video Quality Report' of the consumer's ISP.

When the button is clicked, the local Video Quality Report to the video watcher is loaded. This information then allows the user to check out video consumption times within the area and also compare their ISP service with other potential options. The best providers have got the label "YouTube HD Verified" whereas other services are placed in the Standard Definition and Lower Definition buckets.

According to definition of Google of the different ISP ratings, HD Verified means that consumers will be able to watch the videos at 720p or higher without any loading issues or interruption.

The page follows a page from Netflix which will be launched soon in Australia and has spent the last few months publicly shaming ISPs for slow download speeds.

YouTube says that it assigns each ISP a rating and to get an 'HD' rating, an ISP should indicate that 90% of connections made are able to sustain a HD stream which is 720p and above.

Google said that it was working on many things to help users get a better experience, including Adaptive Bit rate.

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