Cosmic tsunami can revive ‘dead’ galaxies: researchers say

Cosmic tsunami can revive ‘dead’ galaxies: researchers say

Intense energy released by collisions between galactic clusters can revive 'dead' or 'sleeping' galaxies, though only temporarily, an international team of researchers said.

A galaxy is pronounced dead when it has expanded to its full capacity over a very lengthy period of time, and stopped creating new stars. Many starts of such a galaxy have also used their energy, leaving the galaxy "red & dead".

A team of researchers led by Leiden Observatory's Andra Stroe and David Sobral observed the collision involving galaxy cluster CIZA J2242.8+5301 and found some of the dead galaxies springing back to life.

The researchers said it was slightly like a massive city absorbing a small suburban area.

Speaking about the study, the researchers said in a statement, "Over billions of years, they build up structure in the universe - merging with adjacent clusters, like growing cities absorb nearby towns. When this happens, there is a huge release of energy as the clusters collide ."

The intense shockwave generated by the collisions acts like a cosmic tsunami that floods the dead galaxies with energy.

The researchers observed the galactic cluster collision and the resultant cosmic tsunami with the help of La Palma-based Isaac Newton and William Herschel Telescopes and Hawaii's Subaru, CFHT and Keck Telescopes.

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