Valve expands its Online Store to let Modification Players make some money

Valve expands its Online Store to let Modification Players make some money

Game maker Valve has gone ahead with expanding its online store to enable players who make modifications or ‘mods’ for games to sell their creations. Small changes can be made to games by modifications. Huge collaborative efforts could also add extra challenges, levels and foes or improve graphics.

Fantasy role-playing title Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the first game for which mods can be sold. Valve has revealed that it would also make it possible for modders of other games to soon add their creations.

A workshop has been long run by valve on its Steam game service, allowing people to share their extras and additions. However, creators until now got free downloads in return for their work. Steam boasts about having 125 million active users.

Players were only rewarded with money for their creations when they made something for a Valve game that was added to the title as an official new feature.

Now, the creators who use the store will have the freedom to decide the amount people should pay for their mods, extras and add-ons. They can be given away free, if the creators do not wish to sell them. However, if they are sold, the creator would receive 25% of that amount. The rest of the amount would be left for Valve and the studio or developer who originally made the game.

Valve revealed in an announcement in January this year that it had released the payment of more than $57m (£37.6m) to 1,500 people who made extras for its games.

Game journalist John Bain, aka Total Biscuit, has criticized Valve over the payment split. “There is absolutely a fear among the player base that a lot of mods they were used to enjoying will now be put behind a paywall”, he said.

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