Four-year-old Texas boy comes across 100 million-year-old Dinosaur Fossil

4-year-old Texas boy comes across 100 million-year-old Dinosaur Fossil

A 100 million-year-old fossil has been discovered by a 4-year-old boy hidden beneath the ground, near a shopping center in Texas.

Wylie Brys and his father Tim Brys, who is a zoo keeper, discovered the fossil while searching for marine life remnants from the Jurassic period in September 2014.

When the kid spotted the fossil, near the shopping center development in Mansfield, Texas, he showed the animal bones to his father. After carefully checking the fossil, Tim was certain that it was something interesting. Mansfield is a suburb of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex region.

The kid’s father, who works in the Dallas Zoo, assisted Southern Methodist University researchers in the preparation of paperwork for the excavation. Tim had no formal training in paleontology but told the press that he has learned a few tips from a friend.

At first, Tim thought that all the bones belonged to a turtle. It is believed that the Dallas/Fort Worth area was underwater around 100 million years ago, which could be the reason for a wealth of marine fossils in the region. This knowledge led the zookeeper to believe that his son had found an ancient turtle.

However, after an initial attempt at recovering the fossil, he realized the find was significantly larger than he believed.

The unearthed fossilized bones were coated in burlap and plaster, which provided a protective shell for the delicate artifacts. The remains will be shipped to Southern Methodist University in Dallas, where they will be cleaned, examined and assembled.

The researchers believe that the fossil may be of a nodosaur, a pony-sized dinosaur dating from around 100 million years before our own time. Nodosaurs lived in North America, Europe, Asia and Antarctica between the Late Jurassic to the Late Cretaceous Periods. They were Ankylosaurs, herbivore dinosaurs that were first discovered in 1923.

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