Goldfish Dumped in Boulder County Lake multiplies fast and leads to trouble for ecosystem

Fish Dumped in Boulder County Lake become a Problem

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife rangers, a lake in Boulder County has been invaded by a number of goldfish. The rangers are trying to find a way to deal with the exotic fish threatening to take over the lake.

Wildlife officials said that two or three years ago, someone went to the water’s edge of Teller Lake No. 5 off Valmont Road and dumped some goldfish in the water. Now, those few goldfish have spawned into thousands and it could be dangerous for other species, according to the officials.

On Tuesday, Bob Sharp and his two grandsons went to the lake for fishing. According to Sharp, they were hoping for a decent catch of the day. Sharp said that when they were fishing, they saw countless goldfish in the water, which was surprising. It was nearly impossible to count them as they were thousands in number, Sharp added.

As per officials, a number of goldfish line the shoreline, and it is a species that should not be at that place. Colorado Parks and Wildlife said it is important to find a solution of the problems as the fish have invaded the lake.

Jennifer Churchill with Colorado Parks and Wildlife said that a few goldfish spawned in the river about two years ago, and now they are thousands in number. It is a serious problem, as per Churchill. “It likely started with just a few fish a couple years ago, but now they’re may be as many as 4,000. And they’re doing damage. These things wind end up downstream, they can introduce disease to the environment”, Churchill added.

Removal options range from draining the lake and starting over again to electroshock. Colorado Parks and Wildlife have been working with Boulder County to decide what to do with the fish.

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