Boston Bombing Jury to hear Closing Arguments

Boston Bombing Jury to hear Closing Arguments

Today will be the last chance of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's legal team to emotionally connect with the jury as the closing arguments are scheduled to begin.

The jury will begin the deliberation process on the boy's guilt in April's gruesome attacks, once the federal prosecutors and defense attorneys will be done with their statements.

During the hearing, the federal prosecutors will try to shift the attention of the jury towards the brutality of the attacks. On the other hand, Tsarnaev's legal team will be attempting to portray the 21-year-old as the aimless student, who got wrongly influenced by the domineering presence of his radical older brother.

No matter what statements will be made by both the parties, one thing is for sure that the hearing will be not about deliberating on whether Dzhokhar was guilty or not. It will be about deciding on whether he will live or die for his actions.

Both the sides were able to make their case in a bit over two weeks, due to which the trial moved at a rapid pace. The fast speed has only pointed towards the fact that Tsarnaev's legal team wasn't able to proceed as it had planned.

Moreover, the defense attorneys were not allowed to make that case until Tsarnaev's guilt had been established.

Dzhokhar's legal team as a part of alternative strategy, decided to cross examine a bit under half of the witnesses called in by the prosecution. It also called four witnesses.

The four witnesses explained how Tamerlan Tsarnaev was the one responsible for searching components and instructions for the fabrication of the bomb on his computer.

On the other side, they claimed that Dzhokhar's activity was allegedly focused on social media platforms.

Another witness, who was called in by the defense, an FBI fingerprint expert, explained that there were only Tamerlan Tsarnaev's fingerprints found on the recovered bomb parts.

Everyone has only one question on their minds that is whether Tsarnaev himself will finally speak during the trial or not.

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