Chili sauce challenge led to diagnosis of brain tumor in Illinois man

Chili sauce challenge led to diagnosis of brain tumor in Illinois man

A chili sauce challenge saved life of a resident of Orland Park in Illinois. He discovered that there was a malignant tumor in his brain after he took part in the chili sauce challenge. Randy Schmitz, 30, told ABC News how all this happened. Schmitz was enjoying his holiday in South Carolina. His family was also there with him. While enjoying the view of Myrtle Beach, they found that a chili sauce challenge was being conducted by one of the sauce stores over there.

Pepper Palace was challenging people to taste its chili sauce, Flash Bang, considered to be a really hot sauce as it contains jolokia, habanero, scorpion and Carolina reaper. Carolina reaper is thought to be the hottest pepper in the world in 2012. The participants were taking small quantity of the sauce using a tooth pick and the winner needed to tolerate the hotness of the sauce.

Schmitz also thought of participating in the challenge. He registered and started doing the things according to the challenge. But just after 5 minutes, he started feeling unwell. The situation went out of control and he told his sister to not participate in the competition as she was also thinking of doing that.

After some time he realized that he was on a stretcher and was vomiting. His condition made the physician, who was doing the check up, to request for an MRI. And MRI revealed a growing tumor in his brain, which was malignant.

He was then treated in Northwestern Memorial Hospital where a surgery was performed for removing the tumor. Radiation treatment was also done to remove the remaining cancer cells. And now after getting treated, he’s all set to tie the knot.

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