NASA Teaming up with Osterhout Design Group to Create Smart Eyeglasses for Astronauts

NASA Teaming up with Osterhout Design Group to Create Smart Eyeglasses for Astronauts

NASA is joining hands with San Francisco’s Osterhout Design Group to develop computerized glasses for astronauts that can help them in a number of ways from how to repair a latch on their ship to carrying out experiment in space.

Main objective of the project is to develop a system using which how-to-guides can be uploaded to the glasses. The information will then aid astronauts to follow directions while their hands are busy with the tasks. NASA’s engineering teams are already working on to assemble their software into the glass.

Later this year, the teams will conduct tests in an undersea lab in order to mimic the environment present in space flight. After all the tests are done, the device will be submitted to NASA’s flight program team for its first trip into space.

Sean Carter, a strategic partnerships manager at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, said by the fall, they will receive the feedback from astronaut and crew. “It’s our goal to approach the programs shortly thereafter. I don’t know that the crew will let us wait that long”, affirmed Carter.

Current scenario is astronauts have to follow printed instruction manuals. When any problem occurs they have to use index cards for information on how to solve the same. The process as per experts is quite cumbersome and its degree of complexity increases even more when there is an emergency.

NASA was aware of this problem and knew that it needed a computer that can preferably do not float away in zero gravity. Therefore, the agency spent more than a decade working on software to recognize objects from video.

In order to find a wearable gadget, NASA chose the glasses made by Osterhout, which started as a toymaker and now sells electronic gear to governments.

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