S.F. Lawmakers introducing legislation to make city first to require warning label on soda ads

S.F. Lawmakers introducing legislation to make city first to require warning label on soda ads

Under a new legislation to be introduced by Supervisor Scott Wiener Tuesday, San Francisco would become the first city in the country to require warning labels on advertising for soda and other sugary beverages.

Additionally, supervisor Malia Cohen will propose to ban such advertising on city property including Muni buses and shelters and supervisor Eric Mar will reduce spending money on sugary drinks in the city. The legislation could go into effect in three months.

The key backers of a 2-cents-per-ounce tax on soda and sugary drinks were three supervisors who went before voters in November last year. The revenue would go to children's nutrition and physical education programs, which required a two-thirds vote for passage. But it lost as it was approved by 55% of voters.

On Monday, Wiener, Cohen and Mar said that majority of voters were in favor of a soda tax indicated that there is strong support for efforts by city officials to control soda consumption.

They are co-sponsoring one another's legislation and considering it an important three-pronged approach that would help to reduce the nation's obesity and diabetes epidemics. According to them, the new efforts are not a replacement for another try at a soda tax in the future.

However, it's positive that the earliest one would appear before voters again is 2016.

Wiener said, "There's an enormous amount of advertising of soda and other sugary drinks that associate them with love and happiness and everything good in the world when in reality it's the largest source of sugar in the American diet, and it's making people sick".

However, the law doesn't apply to city property used for the operation of a restaurant, concert or sports venue where smoking or drinking alcohol is allowed.

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