UNLV Anthropologist Discovers Oldest Human Fossil

UNLV Anthropologist Discovers Oldest Human Fossil

A UNLV anthropologist has helped discover a fossil which has been used by researchers to fill the gaps in the disputed period of human evolutionary history.

Brian Villmoare, a UNLV anthropologist along with his team recently made headlines after they discovered the oldest human fossil.

The fossils discovered include a 2.8-million-year-old jawbone, which was discovered in northeastern Ethiopia, said experts.

The team claims that the fossils can help to a greater extent to know the process of evolution of humans. When asked about the importance of the Jaw bone, Villmoare said that the bones found are the oldest member of human genus. He also informed that the fossils are even older that Homo erectus and Homo habilus, and therefore it could be from the right time when Homo genus split off from Australopithecus.

The team said that they have been in search of such a fossil for more than 10 years. There is no other way to find these things other than searching for them on your own.

Villmoare said soon after they found the jaw bone it appeared very different from usual human jaw bone. He said they suddenly found that it was something very special and unique.

When asked what he and his team would be searching next, Villmoare said they probably will look for other areas that preserve the same interval.

The single human jaw recently found has five teeth, said researchers. William H. Kimbel, the director of Arizona State University’s Institute of Human Origins, said, “This is a little piece of the puzzle that opens the door to new types of questions and field investigations that we can go after to try to find additional evidence to fill in this poorly known time period”.

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