John Cena on the Cover of WWE 2K15

John Cena on the Cover of WWE 2K15

The wrestling fans will be thrilled to know that John Cena, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion will be on the cover of the WWE 2K15 which is due for release in October this year.

It is no surprise to have Cena on the second release in the WWE series published by 2K Sports. In fact, fans are inquisitive to know why the company featured Cena after so much of wait, considering the fact that he is on his twelfth reign as champion. As of June 2014, the pro wrestler is a 15-time world champion and has 22 championships reigns under his belt. He has the fourth highest number of days as number one after Bob Backlund, Hulk Hogan and Bruno Sammartino.

The new WWE 2K15 design has a new logo to replace the old scratched look that has been used in all the materials since 1997. The same logo is also what will be used across the WWE related collaterals starting from August. The WWW Network has already started using it in its channel.

Mark Little, the executive producer of WWE 2K15 said in an interview that the upcoming game is a huge upgrade to the earlier version and promises a more polished visual and motion capture experience. This latest version will also feature more animation than any of the earlier WWE titles and will have better body proportions and textures. When it comes to game play, Little added that it is not really a fighting game, considering the scripted nature of the real deal itself.

"The choreography that goes on in a match in the WWE is a very different thing than what we'll be able to replicate. But what we will be able to bring to life is that opportunity to have that experience. So if you want to use the ring psychology of a wrestler, the match will play out like a normal wrestling match should", he said.

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