E- Cigarettes: Entry Port for Young People

E- Cigarettes: Entry Port for Young People

Electronic cigarettes have been the topic of much debate among experts in the medical profession. A lot of researches have shown that e-cigarettes do help in kicking off the bud but others believe that they are serving as a gateway to nicotine addiction by luring teen smokers.

E-cigarettes may not be harmful themselves but they largely allure young generation. These are available in various colors, flavors and the packaging is done without any formal FDA regulation, nor there any regulation for advertising and distribution of these. This is why experts and critics have legitimate concerns about the ability of E-cigarettes to mold and influence the delivery of nicotine to teens.

Nicotine addiction is very dangerous as it is a highly addictive compound that raises the heart rate and blood pressure; it has a direct effect of a stimulant to the central nervous system.

Nearly 2 billion on annual basis is the revenue that e-cigarettes presently accounting for. A lot of cigarette makers are further expected to expand in this field. The maker of Camel cigarettes is scheduled to begin distribution of an e-cigarette by the end of this month. Further, the maker of Marlboro plans to enter the field later this year along with Lorillard the manufacturer of the leading US e-cigarette brand, Blu.

"It has been beneficial for helping people to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes but turning e-cigarettes into an entry port for young people is shameful," said Klaus D. Lessnau MD, FCCP a pulmonary and critical care specialist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

The FDA should regulate e-cigarettes largely so that the deceitful use of electronic cigarettes is checked to prevent teenagers and young adults turn into nicotine addicts.

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