Rice grain-sized maser a Major Step towards Quantum-Computing

Rice grain-sized maser a Major Step towards Quantum-Computing

Researchers at Princeton University have managed to develop a rice grain-sized maser (microwave laser) powered by single electrons shooting through "quantum dots" or artificial atoms. The amount of electricity it uses is only one billionth the amount of electricity used by a hair dryer.

Jacob Taylor, an adjunct assistant professor at the Joint Quantum Institute, University of Maryland-National Institute of Standards and Technology collaborated and co-authored this research. He stated that the maser also marks a major advance for efforts to build quantum-computing systems out of semiconductor materials.

Taylor said, “I consider this to be a really important result for our long-term goal, which is entanglement between quantum bits in semiconductor-based devices”.

Though the researchers did indeed build a “maser,” it was not their actual intention when they began working on the project. This project was actually laid out in order to learn more about qubits or double quantum dots, which are the basic units used in quantum computers.

These dots were made of a semiconductor material known as indium arsenide. These are fashioned into nanowires, which have a diameter of roughly 50 nanometers. Further these wires were then meshed with even smaller wires to create a gate and regulator for the electrons. All the details related to this finding have been published in the journal Science.

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