Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson about to Complete ‘Climb of the Century’

Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson about to Complete ‘Climb of the Century’

Tommy Caldwell suffered an accident on November 29, 2001, which almost finished his rock climbing career. Tommy met with an accident while using a table saw during a renovation of his home in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. The saw slipped and chopped off his index finger on his left hand from above the knuckle.

Doctors anyhow reattached the finger, but they warned Tommy that it would not be strong enough to grip a rock. Tommy at that point asked surgeons to remove the finger.

Now, Caldwell, 36, and his partner Kevin Jorgeson, 30, are on the verge of completing the 'climb of the century'. The duo after moving like Spider-Man in slow-motion, have scaled the toughest part of The Dawn Wall on el Captian, the world's largest granite monolith.

The rock has been climbed before, but by only those who drilled bolts into it and pulled themselves up on ropes. Caldwell and Jorgeson, both Americans are 'free climbing', without using any equipment to aid the ascent.

They only had a safety rope attached to them in order to prevent them from falling. And by this weekend Caldwell had cleared toughest middle section of the climb, reaching a ledge called Wino Tower.

The climb is divided into 32 sections or pitches and Caldwell has completed 20. After several days of trying, Jorgeson on Saturday managed to climb the pitch 15, which requires a sideways leap and a grab on to a tiny sliver of rock.

Caldwell's wife Becca, 21-month-old son Fitz, father Mike, 64, and mother Terry, 63, have been getting daily phone calls from Caldwell.

Mike Caldwell said, "When you're up there on the wall you drop all kinds of things. So we're getting information second hand [from the backup team]. He's in very high spirits and we're very, very excited. He's Ahab and this is his Moby Dick".

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