Over 90% of New York City’s Public School Teachers rated as Effective Instructors

Over 90% of New York City’s Public School Teachers rated as Effective Instructors

On Tuesday, New York's Education Department released a report, which unveiled that more than 90% of state's public school teachers were rated as successful teachers. The teachers have been rated under a new and strict evaluation system made compulsory by the state.

Across the state, 9.2% of teachers were rated as highly effective, 82.5% were rated as effective, 7% were rated as developing and 1.2% teachers were rated as ineffective.

Outside the state, 41.9% of teachers were rated as highly effective, 53.7% were rated as effective, and 3.7% were rated as developing and 0.7% teachers were rated as ineffective.

The report has come at a time when two-thirds of elementary and middle-school students taught by these teachers have failed in maths and English tests in 2013. This aspect has made educators affirm that the evaluation systems needed to make improvements.

Merryl Tisch, chancellor of the policy-setting Board of Regents, affirmed that the ratings show that a lot more needs to be done to strengthen the evaluation system. For the first time, New York City teachers were rated under the Annual Professional Performance Review law's guidelines.

In other states, teachers have been evaluated for the past two years. The assessment is based on a formula that combines student growth on state assessments, classroom observation and local measures.

The state provided a template for the evaluations. But then also, each of the state's 700 districts had a discussion with their teachers to customize the process. Education Commissioner John King Jr. termed the evaluation process as 'a work in progress'.

King said he is worried that in some districts, things can be hidden due to the same rating. "That defeats the purpose of the observations and the evaluations, and we have to work to fix that", affirmed King.

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